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In the restaurant world, chefs compete to keep? up with the latest trends, receive positive reviews and win customers. But here in Regency Park, our chefs are adhering to strict policies for cleanliness, nutritional content, consistency and of course taste!
Our chefs have years of cooking and! management experience, with restaurants, health care organizations, corporate dining and correctional institutions.
Here at the Regency Park, we’re meeting special dietary needs while? trying to make the food taste good as well, with reduced salts and fats. Chefs use fresh herbs and ingredients to spice up the food.! For better care, we need to make sure that the temperatures are correct. Most importantly, all the employees wash their hands frequently and change gloves after each task to maintain the hygiene.!

Chef Ramon Morales

Executive Chef

Hello my name is Antonio Duen’ I am the Executive Chef here at Regency Park.! We take pride in providing excellent food for our residents! There is also a pastry chef in house as well? We provide a fantastic menu that we execute with excellence.! The food that we provide is based on a fine dinning experience. We cook your traditional American cuisine as well as your vegetarian dishes.! The food is based on the French Culinary experience that I bring to the company as well as the Latin flair to the dishes. Please come on in for a tour and taste of some good home cooking so that you may judge for yourself.


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